Strategic Hiring

Take a data-driven hiring approach to improve retention, engagement, and performance. 

It is now more critical than ever to ensure new hires are successful. Unlike traditional hiring practices, we can provide a data and science-based approach that provides insight into your existing team, strategic objectives, and job positions which will help improve hiring success.

5 Steps to Make Better Hiring Decisions 

Utilizing The Predictive Index talent optimization software, Talent Optimizers will train and  support your internal and external hiring team to:

  1. Assess the current team's behavioral work styles.
  2. Map the team alignment with their strategic objectives to understand where to add balance or further strength.  
  3. Gain alignment on what the position needs both behaviorally and cognitively to be successful. This can be achieved through: 
    1. Utilizing 65 years of Predictive Index research and data.
    2. Assessing current top performers and replicating their behavior profiles.
    3. Stakeholders completing a behavioral job assessment. 
  4. Map candidate's behavioral and cognitive results to a job target to prioritize stronger candidates.
  5. Contrast with other data points (culture/values/experience/qualifications) for better retention, engagement, and performance. 

How to Get Started

The best place to start is a Strategic Hire Consultation.  This consultation is usually $2000 but we can provide the first consultation for free. This will include a team alignment to objective analysis and 3 candidate behavioral readbacks to best candidate fit to the role.  

Options for Additional Support 


Support new hires to ramp up and start achieving ROI quicker by providing insight into the behavioral makeup of the individuals, team, and strategic objectives. 

Typically, it can take months to get to know your team, but within a short workshop, we can provide a full understanding of how the individuals and the team communicate, lead, take action, problem-solve, makes decisions, and much more. 

Succession Planning 

This workshop will help build a plan to transition future leaders into roles they are best suited to perform. Behavioral insight will be explored to understand the current and future leadership team's alignment to strategy. Both the individual's and team's strengths and blind spots will be contrasted alongside strategy in order to build a plan to ensure a smooth transition and beyond.

Build Cohesive Teams Aligned to Strategy

Build teams that trust each other, communicate, and hold each other accountable—so you maximize your bottom line. Use a proven framework to build accountable and cohesive teams, and drastically improve your team's performance.

  • Discovering Your Team Type - Design Building cohesive teams that appreciate working together and resolving conflict.
  • Designing for Strategic Action - Design Supporting teams to leverage strengths and recognize risks in order to execute.


Talent Optimizers does not complete contingent or retained candidate searches. However, we partner with an organization called Titus Talent Strategies. They are in the hiring and recruiting space, and they have a revolutionary process that guarantees the quality of your hire with significant savings over traditional contingent recruiters. 

For more information please click here. 


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