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Integration Consulting and Data Management Consulting and Software for customers of
The Predictive Index™



Keep your PI data Clean, Current, and Connectable.


Integration Consulting &
Data Management Software
for customers of PI

Engage with an expert guide for API integration with The Predictive Index™ and explore MagicTools™ – for PI – a stand-alone data management tool for keeping your Predictive Index™ data clean, current, and connectable. 


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Consult with a seasoned guide for API integration with The Predictive Index™

  • Integration Needs Assessment – What are your specific integration goals?
  • Integration Architecture – How precisely can it be executed?
  • Integration Development Guidance – Require assistance in the development process?
  • Zapier/ Consultation – Incorporate PI into your Zaps/Workflows!
  • PI Data Refinement – Seek assistance in cleaning or optimizing your PI data!"
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MagicTools™ Integration Software

MagicTools™ – designed for PI – is an independent data management tool tailored for maintaining your Predictive Index™ data:

  • Clean – devoid of expired, duplicate, or unnecessary data
  • Current – synchronized with your optimal data sources
  • Connectable – prepared for seamless integration with other systems or data
License it for continuous data management or for short-term projects
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MagicTools™ – for PI


Manage your Predictive Index™ data


Unlock greater potential from the capabilities of PI

.PI data becomes exceptionally valuable when it meets the following criteria:

  • Clean – Ensuring that all data is pertinent; each individual's data is optimized.
  • Current – Keeping person details accurate, organized, and up-to-date.
  • Connectable – Identifying person data for seamless integration with other systems.


  • Data Quality: Addressing issues such as expired, duplicated, mixed, and cluttered data.
  • Integration Hurdles: Tackling issues related to high integration costs, lack of clean-up, limited export options, and limited exploration capabilities.

MagicTools features 

  • Clean – remove expired, duplicated data
  • Export – pull PI data into a flat data file for analysis
  • Sync – push corrected, re-organized, connected data into PI
  • Subscription software application
  • Runs on data manager’s local computer
  • Accesses PI API using API Key


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So, what are you waiting for...

You appreciate leveraging The Predictive Index™ (PI) to enhance your recruitment and people management processes. However, you aspire to achieve specific objectives using your PI data that go beyond the capabilities of the application itself.

To realize these goals, it's crucial to have PI data that is:

  • Clean – Ensuring that your PI instance is populated only with high-quality, useful data.
  • Current – Keeping employee data within PI up-to-date and well-organized.
  • Connectable – Exporting data with unique identifiers to seamlessly integrate with your other people system data.

MagicTools™ directly interfaces with your existing PI data through the API, executing data quality enhancements and facilitating export processes that would either be extremely time-consuming if done manually or may be impossible otherwise. Empowering a PI administrator or data manager with this tool opens up new possibilities, bringing previously elusive goals within your reach!. 

So, what are you waiting for...