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About Damon Clark

In addition to a corporate sales and marketing background with companies such as Acer, Dell EMC, Hubspot, and The Predictive Index, Damon is a fully qualified Mountain Guide and founded a successful start-up called Amphibia, which became the largest youth adventure provider and Climbing Gym Operator in the UK.  

He is now the Chief Talent Officer of Talent Optimizers and lives in central Massachusetts. In his spare time, he operates as an adventure support assistant for his children.  


Improving Retention & Engagement


Creating High-Performing 



Leading Through



What is Talent Optimization 

Talent optimization is a strategic approach to aligning an organization's business objectives with its talent strategy. It involves using data and analytics to understand and optimize the performance and potential of individuals and teams within an organization. 

This Presentation will introduce the key concepts and provide some clear takeaways.  Topics include:

Talent Acquisition - Talent Assessment - Talent Development - Team Development - Engagement - Succession Planning  

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Building High-Performing Teams with Data

Is your team's behavior hardwired to achieve its goals? The reality is they are not and if you are not utilizing data to gain insights, you may very well have some misalignment that will impact the likelihood of reaching your goals.

During this presentation, we will look at how behavioral and other data sources can help build and manage winning teams. 

Participants will receive their own individual and team Behavioral Reports. 

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Enabling Growth through Behavioral Science

This speaking engagement introduces the power of Behavioral Data to improve individual and leadership performance. 

Damon covers key topics, including:

  • Utilizing Behavioural strengths to help retention and engagement.
  • Reducing the Impact of Behavioral Caution
  • Areas Turning friction into complementary strengths 




Embracing the Mavericks

The spark that ignites successful businesses is usually from individuals that thrive on creativity, ambiguity, and risk.    However, as soon as these companies grow, these attributes are suppressed and often penalized. 

Discover how to tap into these strengths and control the potential cautions areas to improve retention, engagement, and growth. 




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Damon Clark stands out as a true inspiration in a world where success stories are often associated with privilege and fortunate circumstances. With a background that defied expectations and insurmountable hurdles, Damon Clark has emerged as a powerful voice in the realm of personal and professional triumph. 

Through their captivating storytelling and unwavering determination, they have transformed their challenging background into a source of strength, resilience, and unyielding motivation.

Damon reluctantly shares this story with a sprinkle of fun and light-heartedness. The motivation behind his passion for sharing is born through his recent work within Behavioral Science and the ability to help others crack the code to thrive. 

Born into adversity, Damon Clark faced numerous obstacles from an early age. He grew up in bars and cabaret clubs and moved consistently during his childhood. To add this, he found himself wheelchair-bound at the age of 14.  

Damon Clark's journey toward success has been a testament to the power of resilience. He embarked on a path filled with adversity, setbacks, and moments of self-doubt. However, through sheer determination, an unwavering belief in his abilities, and comfort with failure, Damon Clark navigated the storms and emerged stronger than ever.

Damon had the ability to transform setbacks into opportunities. Instead of allowing setbacks to define, Damon used them as stepping stones towards growth and accomplishment. Each obstacle became a chance to learn, adapt, and build the necessary skills to overcome future challenges.

Through over 120 years of research around behavioral science, we can understand how natural, hard-wired behavior can help impact success and failure. We can use this data to provide crucial insight and understanding, which enables us to embrace our strengths and learn to stretch to overcome challenges when needed. 

Damon provides several speaking topics designed to help retention and engagement to help individuals and teams thrive.  

Areas of Expertise:

Damon Clark specializes in inspiring audiences in various domains, including

  • Personal Development: Overcoming self-limiting beliefs, embracing resilience, and unleashing untapped potential.

  • Personal Development: Utilizing Behavioural strengths, reducing the impact of Behavioral caution areas, and turning friction into complementary strengths 

  • Leadership: Build High-Performing Teams with Data 

Depending on the format, Damon’s session usually includes a Free Individual or Team Behavioral report for participants.


Over 300 Group Training Sessions Delivered to Over 2000 Management Consultants 

Since 2019 Damon Clark has run regular in-person and virtual training on topics including Business Growth, Talent Optimization, and Behavioral Science.   

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