Welcome to PI Hacks

Predictive Index Hacks is a YouTube series full of tips and tricks. Whether you need a quick tip or a lightbulb moment about a specific feature, Predictive Index Hacks has you covered.

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Introduction to PI Hacks

Learn how to leverage your Predictive Index Software and drive all the benefits of talent optimization.

How to plan and give a Predictive Index (PI) Readback 

The Predictive Index software does a great job of interpreting Behavioral Patterns and integrating them into intuitive tools; however, manually interpreting Behavioral Patterns allows you to explore an individual's behavior much deeper, which can be helpful for high-stakes hiring, coaching and much more. We’ll run through preparing and completing a readback. 

The Predictive Index Hire Demo

This video takes an in-depth look at The Predictive Index Hire software.

How To Run An Awesome Predictive Index Job Target Alignment Meeting

Which one would you hire? Answer:  It all depends on the candidate's alignment with the job role, so let's start by building a "Job Target'. In this session, we will look into how to develop and gain stakeholder alignment on a job target.

The Predictive Index Product Announcement

Predictive Index announces a new module called PI Perform.

The Predictive Index Collaborator Reference Profile - Everything you need to know

Dive into the intricacies of the Predictive Index Collaborator Reference Profile with our comprehensive guide.

Predictive Index Software Walkthrough Video's