Build the Right Seat, Hire the Right Person

In partnership with Titus Talent Strategies

Right people, right seats

Hire 4 Performance

Talent Optimizers help organizations retain and develop talent and align teams with strategy, but we leave finding talent to the experts. 

We've partnered with Titus Talent Strategies who share the belief that lasting results come from an overall strategy that retains, motivates, and develops your most valuable asset: your People. They  utilize our unique H4P hiring process to understand potential candidates dynamically by looking at the whole person;

The Head, The Heart, and The Briefcase.


The Head

Behavioral Attributes and Cognitive Ability

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Value-Alignment, Motivators, Interests

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The Briefcase

Professional Achievement Profile

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Titus Talent Strategies are a Performance Driven Recruiting Firm

Right Seats, Right People™ is our revolutionary process which identifies, attracts, hires, accurately measures and guarantees the quality of your hire - all at significant savings over traditional contingent recruiters.


Titus Talent Stratgies.

We've partnered with Titus Talent, who look at the whole person, The Head, The Heart, and The Briefcase for hiring success.

Their process for hiring will equip you with the framework and tools you need to put the right people in the right seats at any level of your organization.

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