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Talent Optimizers number one goal is to provide the best client support program within the industry.

If we can support our clients to grow through optimized talent, we will grow with them.  For this reason, many of our free support programs to our clients.  

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All clients receive FREE training for their core support team, including an introduction to PI, Behavioral Basics, and a Product Demo.

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Tools and Resources

Receive  FREE resources, including decks, workshop playbooks, surveys, and tools to help with implementation and adoption.

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Client Success 

A Client Success Manager will provide dedicated support and training to ensure clients drive maximum value from their PI subscriptions. 

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Talent Optimization Blueprint

Receive a FREE Talent Optimization Blueprint that will provide a full strategic roadmap to drive the implementation and adoption.

Choose from Two Onboarding Options

Both include additional support, including a dedicated client success manager,  free resources, and tools. 


Option 1 - Quick Start 

This option helps organizations get started with The Predictive Index.  It includes a two-hour session for their core support team.  This session will include: 

  • Introduction to The Predictive Index

  • Behavioral Science Basics

  • Full demonstration of your Predictive Index subscription

  • Online Support Review and Recommendations 

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Option 2 - Talent Optimization Blueprint

The Talent Optimization Blueprint provides a full strategic implementation, adoption, and expansion roadmap.  These sessions are $12,000 but are free for Talent Optimizer clients. The Blueprint includes:

  • PI Quick Start Session (2 hours)

  • Collection of Talent Optimization benchmark data to drive focus and ROI.

  • PI Implementation team mini High-Performance Workshop. (2 hours)

    • This will include a Team Discovery Session, allowing us to use the software in a live scenario. We will review our PI implementation teams' individual and collective strengths and caution areas.

  • Joint Goal and Strategy Plan development. (2 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Full Talent Optimization Blueprint

  • Quarterly check-ins to review progress

  • Yearly Business Review and Planning 

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In addition to onboarding and training, clients also receive. 

Key User Newsletters

Stay up to date with Predictive Index news, updates, and resources to help support your organization.  

Employee Newsletters

Regular all-user newsletters focused on training and education. 

Client Success Support

Enjoy a dedicated Client Success Manager whose focus is to support clients in driving maximum ROI out of their PI subscription. 

FREE Training 

Send employees to Free training, including an introduction to PI and Behavioral Basics. 

Business Reviews

Take advantage of quarterly and yearly business reviews to measure ROI, track progress, and provide training and advice. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Apply to the Talent Optimizers Scholarship program that offers free certification training.  

New Key User Retraining

All new key users pivotal for the implementation and support of your organization's PI can take advantage of FREE Onboarding.  

Tools and Resources

Free tools & resources, including workshop playbooks, benchmark surveys, promotion collateral, and training guides.

The PI Hacks YouTube Channel 

Check out the PI Hacks YouTube channel for useful tutorials on the software, training, and integrating it into your organization.

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Talent Optimizers supports 60 Clients from across the globe. 
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