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Predictive Index Onboarding and Support

Predictive Index Support 



The Predictive Index subscription includes access to an online learning platform called Learn, which provides free resources to support your learning and development around talent optimization and your Predictive Index subscription. Talent Optimizers provide 4 FREE structured onboarding sessions for our Predictive Index clients.  This helps leverage your subscription further and drive all the benefits around Talent Optimization. 

During your four onboarding sessions, we will introduce the core concepts of Talent Optimization and how your new Predictive index platform can help integrate this approach into your organization, creating immediate value and beyond.  Sessions include:

  • Developing strategic goals and planning with talent optimization
  • How to leverage PI to deliver on talent optimization and maximize your investment
  • Best practices for successfully implementing Predictive Index
  • Implementation support (email templates, slide templates, and planning tools)

Client Success Manager

Talent Optimizers align a Client Success Manager (CSM) to support clients along their Talent Optimization Journey.  The CSM will provide dedicated support and training to ensure our clients drive maximum value from their PI subscriptions. 

We have your back, whether it's help developing a job target, providing a detailed readback on a new candidate, or providing some basic administration training to a new internal Account Admin.   

Client Sucsess Support includes:

  • Open Office Hours 
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Annual Business Review
  • Renewal Notifications
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager


Additional Support

Talent Optimizers' mission, from day one, was to build the best client success program in the industry, going above and beyond to help our clients enjoy all the benefits of optimized talent. 

We’ve leveraged an economy of scale that comes with having over 50 clients across the globe to develop a range of additional benefits for our clients.  Including 

  • Renewal Notifications 
  • Free re-training 
    Dedicated Client Sucess Manager
  • Account Owner and Admin Monthly Newsletter to help drive adoption and usage
  • All user PI tips Newsletter
  • Monthly Client Webinars
  • Quarterly Intro to PI, available for all client PI users
  • Drive Results with Talent Scholarship Opportunities
  • Discounted training promotions 

Predictive Index Support

Talent Optimizers' number 1 goal is to provide the best client support program within the industry.

We believe that if we can support our clients to grow through optimized talent, we will grow with them.  For this reason, many of our support programs are free.  For all clients, we offer free:

  • Free Onboarding for new Predictive Index key users
  • Quarterly account reviews
  • Annual Talent Development Strategy meeting
  • Lunch and learns, webinars and workshops
  • Client newsletter with important Predictive index and Talent Optimization news





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Understand how you are naturally hard wired in order to improve productivity.  Whether you have never completed or can't remember your last Behavioral Assessment, take a FREE assessment. 

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