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Talent Optimizers help organizations retain, and develop talent and align teams with strategy.


Talent Optimizers is a management consultancy focusing on Talent. We leverage a network of Certified Talent Optimization consultants and utilize a range of toolsets, including The Predictive Index to support organizations retain, and develop talent and align teams with strategy.

Talent optimization uses data and analytics to make sure that a business leader's path to success is informed and purposeful. It helps define job requirements, identify ideal candidates for open positions, align teams to accomplish business goals, and effectively inspire employees for optimal results.


Helping individuals and teams thrive. 

After over 20 years in corporate, experiencing more lows than highs, Talent Optimizers have discovered the secret to not only thriving in the corporate world but also feeling inspired, energized, and engaged, both at work and home. 

This involves not only a true understanding of self and others but also the need to be part of something that feels right and is making a true difference to the greater good.  

With purpose and passion, we’ve embraced the talent optimization movement and pulled together a range of solutions that empower organizations to embed the benefits of optimized talent throughout the organization.

Talent Optimizers support organizations in retaining and developing talent and aligning teams with strategy.  We wake up in the morning excited to support our clients along this journey.  Why?  Because at the end of the day, we go to sleep at night with a smile on our faces. Because we know we help others do the same.  

Better Work, Better World 
Work and home life are now no longer separate. Organizations need to support employees to feel as equally energized out of work as much as in work.  

Being the best, we can be today and trying to be better tomorrow. 
We strive to be the best at what we do.  We do this because of 100% commitment to our purpose and believe this passion will support our clients to share our vision of better work, better world. 

We also strive to be the best version of ourselves.  The best we can be today and better tomorrow.  If we fall short, that's ok too.  As long as we pick ourselves back up and continue trying.   

Making a difference beyond our core focus 
Supporting the community, spending time with family, and inspiring others through achievements.  We believe making a positive impact on the world often goes beyond our core mission of better work, better world.  



Family and Health First

Health and family are the number one priority.  If this is supported, the rest will take care of itself.  

Bold Action 

Going beyond and failing makes us even stronger. Be brave, be bold. 

Unfiltered Expression

We can’t go on this journey alone. We need leadership at all levels and diversity of thought to truly make a difference.


Our journey is going to be treacherous however we’re here to support you.  We want our teams to be empowered and accountable.  

Passion for Making a Difference

This journey is not for everybody.  It’s going to be tough. Without passion, we’re not going to get there. 




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Damon Clark

Head Talent Optimizer

Talent Optimizers is managed by Chief Strategy Consultant and owner Damon Clark. Damon has spent over 25 years leading cross-functional teams in the UK, Italy, UAE, and the USA for organizations such as Hubspot, Acer, Dell EMC, and The Predictive index.

Brian Audia

Brian Audia

Strategy Consultant

Brian Audia is an inspirational leader in the movement to promote business as a tool for human flourishing. Brian's core focus for Talent Optimizers is around organizational performance.


Christy Clark

Compensation and Benefits Consultant

Hard-working highly organized and self-motivated HR Leader with global experience in developing and managing HR and Compensation and Benefit programs and systems across multiple regions. Christy focuses on Compensation.

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Sam Dyer

UK Client Success and Trainer

Sam supports Talent Optimizers in the UK, providing client support, facilitation, consulting, and training. 

  • Strategic and C-suite development
  • Board Adviser
  • Fractional / Non-Exec Director
  • Corporate Governance Professional Certification (CGPC)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • PI Practitioner
  • PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultant

Headshot traci

Traci Austin

HR Consultant

Traci Austin is a certified HR professional with two decades of experience building HR departments from the ground up and developing infrastructure and strategic capabilities to scale. 

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • SHRM Recertification Provider
    PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultant
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®) Certification


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Diane Tucceri

Operations and Coaching

Diane is a retired public school Principal and now runs Talent Optimizers Operations, in addition to working as a coach and instructional designer.  

  • National Institute of School Leadership Certification
  • Licensed Public School Administrator/Principal 5-12
  • Predictive Index Consultant Certification
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Ron Garfield

PIQue Leadership Coach

Initially, an entertainment executive, Ron helps transform leaders, their teams, and their work culture.  Passionate about people going through transition, both personally and professionally, people in recovery, and guiding people to be more present for themselves and others 

  • Certified coach through the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC)
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Stefanie Siebold

PIQue Leadership Coach

Stepanie has  25+ years of experience managing and leading teams.  Stefanie is passionate about workforce diversity and creating safe and inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

  • Certified coach through the International Coaching Federation (ACC) and Coach Training Alliance (ACTP)
  • Executive certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University
  • BA in Leadership and Organizational Development and MA in Public Administration


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Daniel Weil


Daniel was originally a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and part-time writer with 25+ years of experience managing creative and leadership teams.

Daniel is passionate about CoActive® Coaching, nature-informed leadership, mastery of being present and connected, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in our culture

  • Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute
  • International Coach Federation Member
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Natalie Grogan

Leadership Coach

Natalie drives executive and organizational performance through understanding human behavior. Prior to earning an M.S. in IO (workplace) Psychology, Natalie was a strategy consultant to dozens of executives, from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations.  

  • Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • Predictive Index Master Trainer

  • Exclusive Partner of RESPECT Employee Engagement Index

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John Vegas

Leadership Coach

John provides executive coaching, leadership development, management consulting, and advisory services to CEOs, business owners, executives, aspiring leaders, and executive teams. John has a successful track record of partnering with leaders to achieve peak performance,
maximize their potential, become more effective leaders, and work with purpose.

  • MSOD, American
  • Advanced Coach Executive and Professional Certification, College of Executive Coaching


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Ben Collins

UK Operations and Client Success Manager

With over 14 years of frontline and criminal investigation department experience for Hampshire Constabulary, Ben brings calmness and efficiency and supports Talent Optimizers in the UK.

  • PI Practitioner
  • PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultant


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