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Reference Profiles are the best shortcut for understanding the behaviors and needs that drive yourself and your people.

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Predictive Index Reference profiles

Most Behavioral Assessment providers struggle to drive sustained benefits due to complexity.  To avoid this, The Predictive Index has developed 17 easy-to-remember Reference Profiles. Find out more by downloading the guides. 

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Managing the 17 Reference Profiles

Learn how to manage the Predictive Index 17 Reference Profiles effectively. This guide covers how to:

  • Motivate and recognize

  • Provide direction and feedback

  • Delegate

  • Coach

  • Increase engagement

  • Improve retention 

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The 17 Reference Profiles Review each of the 17 Reference Profiles and understand an individual's:

  • Behaviors

  • Needs

  • Signature work styles

  • Strengths

  • Common traps

  • How to work well with each profile

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The 17 Reference Profiles Poster

Keep The Predive Index reference profiles top of mind with this poster. 

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