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Browne Consulting takes a proactive approach to ensuring teams and individuals are supported through growth and change.

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All too often, companies initiate talent initiatives when challenges arise. However, Browne Consulting took a proactive approach to ensuring teams and individuals are supported through growth and change by taking a strategic approach to Talent management.   


Browne Consulting provides accounting, finance, and human resources services to venture-backed Life Science start-ups and emerging companies.  

They partner collaboratively with life-science companies and their investors using their deep industry expertise and top-caliber professionals. They deliver best-in-class services, enabling clients to focus on breakthrough solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.

They are a people-first organization, which can be evident scrolling down their LinkedIn feed, which includes a constant stream of examples, including community outreach projects, employee recondition, and initiatives focused on building a fantastic employee experience. 


Browne Consulting took a proactive approach to ensuring teams and individuals are supported through growth and change by taking a strategic approach to Talent management.   

This began by implementing a solution to ensure the right talent was in the right seats, both for external applicants and internal employees, ensuring career progression. 

Browne Consulting highlights on their website, “Our stimulating environment provides our team members with a variety of opportunities for career and personal development.” To support this, Browne Consulting takes a head, heart, and briefcase model approach to hiring.  


Recognition for Talent 

Brown Consulting was named one of the Top Places to Work in Massachusetts in the 15th annual employee-based survey project from The Boston Globe. 


The Head, Heart Briefcase model is exceptionally effective for hiring as it provides a holistic approach to candidate evaluation. By considering the candidate's behavioral and cognitive profiles (Head), Culture and Values fit (Heart), and practical job-related qualifications, skills and experience (Briefcase), the model ensures a comprehensive assessment. This approach recognizes that successful hires extend beyond technical qualifications, emphasizing the importance of cultural fit, communication abilities, and alignment with organizational values. The Head, Heart, Briefcase model enables recruiters and hiring managers to make well-informed decisions that contribute not only to the candidate's ability to perform tasks but also to their compatibility with the team and the company's overall objectives.  (More information can be found on Hiring the whole person - The Head, Heart, and Briefcase.)

Associate Director of Human Resources at Browne Consulting Group Kim Devore commented, 

“At my current company, when a Director vocalized, “If only we knew what type of behaviors we could expect,” I knew “this” was the time to introduce PI (I worked heavily with PI in a prior role). 

We were a relatively young organization, under 40 people, but we knew we would be hiring heavily in the coming years.  We had had some misses while hiring and weren’t sure what we were missing.”

Browne Consulting attended The Predictive Index Drive Results with Talent workshop, which supports organizations in applying Predictive index solutions to develop and execute talent strategy.  

“After learning PI, the managers were shocked at how much improved within the organization.    Knowing a role's demands and a candidate's profile is only half the equation.  Learning behaviors and needs and aligning them with proper coaching for the demands is something else.  I am confident we turned a poor-performing employee into a top performer with the help of PI. Additionally, our turnover is 2% at a startup employing Gen Z and Millennials, which speaks for itself.”

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Talent Optimization goes beyond hiring, and Browne Consulting ensures that The Predictive Index is embedded into the company's day-to-day operations.

“When a manager calls, one of the first things we do is pull up the PI.  Is the employee flexing too much?  Where can we help them, what type of tasks are they best at?  Is this an employee problem or a manager communication problem?  I cannot describe how valuable PI can be to an organization. It opens tough conversations that may have involved finger-pointing to an open, honest discussion.”
Traditionally, behavioral-based training and coaching have been reserved for senior management. However, with the help of the Predictive Index’s platform, employees can easily access and use coaching tools that support individual development and management skills.  

The solution also allows employees to attend certification training, adding further value. Kim Devore explains how her deeper understanding gained in the Predictive Index Drive Results with Talent course has helped provide insight to improve productivity, engagement and well-being.  

“I’m a PI Specialist in People Operations.  Before PI, I had irritations during the work day I didn’t understand, such as being interrupted while working on a precise problem.  I structure my time around my PI profile by blocking times that allow me to be a specialist and times where I must flex a lot.  Making a fast transition from High D (Following rules and structure) to High B (Being comfortable without a process and brainstorming ideas out loud and on the fly)  is exhausting. At the same time, it still happens occasionally. I don’t leave mentally exhausted daily. Getting to know myself was one of the best parts of PI.”
Browne Consulting continues to invest in its people and work closely with The predictive Index and Talent Optimizers to support their organization with a Talent Optimization approach.  

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This 90-minute session will utilize a Predictive index  provisional account that uses behavioral data to provide insight, awareness, and immediate and longer-term recommendations to help drive team performance.