About Me

Originally from the United Kingdom, I have worked in international roles and led cross-functional teams virtually & globally. I have been based in the UK, Italy, UAE, and United States.

Over the past 20+ years, I have developed exceptional experience managing teams within the B2B Sales and Marketing environment. With a strong entrepreneurial flair, my strength is focused on building high-performing teams and leadership development.  

I’ve worked for multinational tech companies, including Fujitsu Siemens, Acer, EMC, and Hubspot. In 2009, I left the corporate environment to launch a successful start-up called Amphibia, which provided adventure activities, youth development, and a range of training solutions throughout the UK.

I’m now based just outside Boston, Massachusetts. When not trying to keep up with my 2 active boys, my spare time is spent mountaineering and climbing. Not only an enthusiast but I hold a range of professional qualifications and contribute in a professional capacity through a number of professional bodies, media publications, and equipment suppliers within the climbing industry. 

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