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Exclusive PI training webinars for Talent Optimizers clients

Exclusive PI training webinars for Talent Optimizers clients

In 2021, Talent Optimizers hit the floor running. To support The Predictive Index's growth, we agreed to support several of their direct clients so they could focus on building the best Talent Optimization product on the market.  

After writing our mission, vision, and values, we started planning...

During this process, we decided not to focus on new business. Sure, we had aggressive growth goals, but we felt confident that if we focused on providing the best possible support for our clients, growth would come through: 

  • Mutual growth alongside our clients
  • Supporting clients with complementary services 
  • Referrals 

Our core goal is to develop the gold standard client success program within the industry by December 31, 2025.

We’re already offering free ($3,000) onboarding training for new PI account admins and now we are excited to announce that we are now offering a webinar series designed to maximize our client's Predictive Index investment. 

What next?

All Talent Optimizer's clients are invited to attend the following webinars. The first 30 - 45 minutes will focus on a topic; the last section will be a standard open office. Sessions will be hosted twice a month on Wednesdays between 4 pm - 5 pm.

Please find further information and registration details below.  


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Webinar Topics and dates


  • A closer look at The Predictive Index (PI) 4 Primary Factors - Wednesday, June 14th This session focuses on the 4 Primary Factors: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality. We will dig a lot deeper into each factor and introduce some great exercises to help you and your teams understand and apply to enjoy better leaders and teams. 
  • The importance of understanding The Predictive Index (PI) Factor Combinations  - Wednesday, June 28th
    If the Primary Factors are the headline, the factor combinations are the supporting paragraphs and can provide critical information in understanding a behavioral pattern. We will look at all the factor combinations, explain some caution areas within your PI software, and explain how a more profound understanding can support better hiring, self-development, leadership, and beyond. 
  • Understanding the Whole Behavioral Pattern - Self, Self-Concept, and Synthesis -  Thursday, July 20th
    We will look at all three behavioral patterns, Self, Self-Concept, and Synthesis, and introduce some valuable ways to use them. Recording
  • How to plan and give a Predictive Index (PI) Readback - Wednesday, July 26th
    The Predictive Index software does a great job of interpreting Behavioral Patterns and integrating them into intuitive tools; however, manually interpreting Behavioral Patterns allows you to explore an individual's behavior much deeper, which can be helpful for high-stakes hiring, coaching and much more. We’ll run through preparing and completing a readback. Recording
  • How to launch (or relaunch) The Predictive Index (PI) - Wednesday, August 9th
    Whether you're launching a new division, introducing a new PI product, or want to relaunch PI to increase adoption, we’ll run through some great resources and exercises to help. Recording
  • Additional fun exercises to run with The Predictive Index (PI) - Wednesday, August 30th. This is Talent Optimizers' superpower and what we are most passionate about, Experiential Learning. We will have fun through a range of workshops and exercises that help individuals and teams learn and apply the Predictive Index.  
  • Additional Talent Optimization solutions and tools to complement The Predictive Index - (PI) Wednesday, September 6th
    Talent Optimization goes beyond The Predictive Index. We will share some additional tools (free and paid) that can be combined with The Predictive Index. 
  • PI Design for Predictive Index (PI) experts - Wednesday, September 20th
    Design’s simplicity is part of its power. However, there are many additional applications for Design beyond the inbuilt exercises. We’re going to explore how we can use Design for onboarding, succession planning, in-team and team vs. team conflict, coaching, and much much more.  


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Please feel free to invite anyone in your organization to these events.


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