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2023 State of Talent Optimization Report IS HERE

2023 State of Talent Optimization Report IS HERE

The Predictive Index and HR Dive surveyed over 150 HR executives to gather insights on hiring, attrition, and improving company culture.

The data revealed crucial opportunities for companies to enhance their talent strategies and address current HR challenges. 

The Predictive Index partnered with StudioID to bring this report to life this year. Respondents brought different perspectives and clued us into four major themes:

  • Data-informed decision-making improves hiring: Only 33% of hiring managers say they are equipped with objective behavioral and cognitive data on the candidates they are interviewing.

  • Upskilling your leadership drives productivity and value: Only 50% of HR executives have a business strategy, and only 33% have a business strategy that aligns with their talent strategy.

  • Building cohesive teams leads to stronger ROI​​​​​:​ Less than 25% of HR leaders have a credible way of anticipating team dynamics when building teams. 

  • Employee disengagement is a top concern: 40% of HR executives believe stress and/or burnout is a major concern or challenge among employees, which significantly impacts engagement. 

Plus, 57% of execs surveyed say their companies could use support with talent acquisition and retention. Here’s where you come in.

Businesses need talent optimization now more than ever, and with the right support from their PI-certified talent optimization consultant, you can help them navigate the challenges above. 

Enjoy the report
The Talent Optimizers Team


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