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"Everything was seemingly perfect, but something was missing. I felt empty." A Look Back and some tips for PredictING Job Success with Behavioral Data 


I recently explored using behavioral data to make more informed hiring decisions.  I used an example of an early role within the marketing department at Fujitsu, where I struggled.  Utilizing behavioral tools such as The Predictive Index, we can now examine the alignment in what the job needed to be successful and my natural behavioral style.  I was a terrible fit.  Check out the full blog:


Luckily, the leadership saw potential and suggested a move into the sales team, where I flourished. 

After a few years at Fujitsu, I felt it was time for a change, and an opportunity arose as a Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Laptop Product Manager for Acer Computers, based at their headquarters in Milan, Italy.  How could I possibly could I say no? 

I was part of a fantastic leadership team that took Acer Computers from an unknown player to a market leader, overtaking tech giants such as HP, IBM (Lenovo), and Dell.  

I was in my late 20s, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I was living the dream. I had a beautiful apartment in the historic town of Monza, was part of a wonderful expat community, and was the  Laptop Product Manager responsible for surpassing Dell as the number 1 laptop vendor in EMEA.  Everything was seemingly perfect, but something was missing. I felt empty.  

One July morning, during a weekly 1on1 with my fantastic manager Volker Düring, he seemed almost to read my mind.  In a touching moment, before I got any words out, Volker said, it’s ok, we don’t want to lose you. Let me work on some options for you. 

Luckily, Acer was looking to move into the enterprise space. I took an opportunity to set up and manage a partner network to support this, a role I was much better aligned with behaviorally. I moved back to the UK, and although I missed my life in Italy (notably the pizza), I would continue to be part of a high-performing team at Acer that continued to dominate the computer hardware market.  

As with my initial marketing role at Fujitsu, I decided to analyze the required behavioral attributes the EMEA Product Manager role needed to be successful and map my profile to review alignment. I completed a Behavioral Job Target in The Predictive Index Hire software.




Let's look at my Behavioral fit for both positions  

Although I wouldn’t change a moment, and it eventually worked out, we now have the ability, through behavioral tools, to help ensure we position the suitable candidates in the correct positions from day 1.  This is a win/win for everybody. 

The ability to predict behavior means we can assess a job role according to the behavioral attributes required to succeed. A “Job Target” can be developed by evaluating four primary workplace drives: Dominance, Extraversion, patience, and Formality.   This can be achieved through various methods, from benchmarking historical data, analyzing top performer's behavioral data, job assessments, or a combination of all three.  After this is produced, we can map candidates to a job benchmark. 

Let's look at the EMEA Product Manager role.  By analyzing the initial job requirements with The Predictive Index job assessment, we can see the job role requires an individual who will be introspective, matter-of-fact, and analytical.  Noteworthy behavior includes a high amount of formality, for example, individuals who are serious and disciplined. 

Product Manager Predictive Index Job Tarket

As you can see from the target below.  There is a substantial misalignment between myself (A, B, C, D) and all the behaviors required to succeed in this role (orange boxes).  It’s worth noting that when a behavior crosses the midpoint, a total behavior change is needed.  For example (moving from left to right). 

A (Dominance) collaborative becomes independent. 

B (Extraversion) reserved becomes sociable. 

C (Patience) driving becomes steady.

D (Formality) flexible becomes precise. 


Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 10.20.01 AM

Product Manager Predictive Index Match Score


My natural work preferences were the complete opposite of the job requirement. This is like putting a left-handed person in a right-handed role.  This was the reason why I felt empty. 

The Job Target score is 1 out of 10! 

No matter how strong my experience, qualifications, culture, and values fit, the behavioral stretch to achieve job success was far too significant. 

Now, let's look at the Enterprise Channel Sales role. 

Channel Account Manager Predictive Index Behavioral Target

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 10.49.31 AM

Channel Account Manager Predictive Index Behavioral Target Match Score


Watch a PI Hire Demo on YouTube


Although my A (Dominance - The drive to exert one’s influence over people and events) and D (Formaility The drive to conform to rules and structure) are slightly wider than the targets, they do not cross the midpoint (the point of a behavioral change), and the behavioral stretch is slight. 

The role requires an individual who is outgoing, people-oriented, and persuasive.  Noteworthy behaviors include:

  • Quick to connect -  Fast-talking, Lively and Enthusiastic
  • Extraverted - Outgoing, Uninhibited expression of friendliness

Do you think this sounds like me?  (Please feel free to comment below.) Looking at my Behavioral Results mapped to the target, I’m a better fit. (9/10)

I was no longer empty. My tank was back to full, and I was in overdrive, as my behavioral strengths were used daily.   

I often reflect on my time with Acer in Milan. I am baffled as to why I walked away from the job of a lifetime surely I could have stuck it out a few more years, but ultimately, I was not hard-wired to ever be successful in the role, no matter how good the Wine and Pizzas were.  

Imagine if we had this data ahead of time—the impact it could have on job performance, engagement, and retention.  

I now help organizations avoid job misalignment, retain and develop talent, and align teams with strategy.  Talent Optimizers offer a Free Predictive Index Strategic Hiring sessions that include up to 10 team Behavioral Assessments and a Team Type and Strategy Type review.  This can be valuable for organizations wanting additional data and insight to make hiring decisions. 

 We offer a FREE Strategy session ($3000 value) to find out more. Click the link below. 






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